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The Climatec Aluclad Lift & Slide Patio

The DL Windows Climatec Aluclad Lift & Slide Patio is designed and manufactured to cope with the harsh damp climate that Ireland has to offer.

With widths up to 4.5 metres for two pane patios triple glazed and 6 metres double glazed this patio door is a delight for those wanting very large glass openings. Available in 52mm triple glazing for maximium insulation giving a centre pane u-value of 0.5.   

This patio door gives the customer the benefit of aluminium profile on the outside for low maintenance and the beauty of timber on the inside. Combined with the Climatec fibreglass composite threshold which gives low sight lines, exellent insulation and is wheelchair compliance. This patio out performes any of its rivals and is hand crafted at our factory in Clonalvy, Garristown Co. Dublin by experience team of joiners.

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