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Experience the remarkable versatility of DL Windows, offering a vast range of windows designed to complement every home, thanks to the renowned Duraflex system. Duraflex, a leading Pvc-u profile brand extruded in the UK, empowers our products with exceptional quality and durability. By choosing DL Windows doors and windows crafted from Duraflex profile, you can be confident in their defect-free, non-discoloring nature, ensuring they remain in pristine condition throughout their lifetime.

Our Duraflex profile incorporates Q-lon seals, renowned for their exceptional memory properties, adept at withstanding the demanding Irish weather. Coupled with Thermal inserts, our windows achieve impressive A ratings, providing energy efficiency and optimal insulation. Through extensive research, we have achieved passive windows utilizing 40mm triple-glazed units, resulting in an outstanding overall u-value of .8. DL Windows has collaborated closely with Duraflex to introduce the most advanced window system to the Irish market.

When contemplating window and door replacements, we invite you to contact us for a quotation and a firsthand demonstration of Duraflex products. Trust DL Windows for cutting-edge solutions and superior performance.


All DL Windows casement windows - depending on your budget - can be upgraded to be fitted with Roto Bi-Directional Security Espag locks - the most advanced locking system on the market and also awarded the title Secure by Design. In addition, to compliment this lock, our side-hung casement windows can be fitted with hinge guards as an optional extra. This gives further protection as it prevents the possibility of the hinges being levered out with a jimmie-bar.

        Hinge Guards                          Bi-Directional  Espag Locks

Energy Ratings

The BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) is an independent body which is leading the development and application of window energy ratings. The Window Energy Rating label is similar to the EU label used on fridges, washing machines and light bulbs. It calculates precisely the overall u-value of the entire window, taking into account solar gain and heat loss through air infiltration as well as climate data. You can log on to the BFRC website at to verify any companies claims to be A-rated certified.

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